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Taproot Security Goes Green

Signs Climate Letter, Receives Green Business America Certification


Saint Paul, MN, June 19, 2017 – Taproot Security joined Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla and other US companies declaring continued support for the Paris climate agreement and promising to do our part to meet the challenge of climate change.

Separately, Taproot was certified by Green America as a Green Business after thorough review of our internal environmental and sustainability practices.

"It may seem unusual for an IT security firm to care about climate or environment," Taproot Security president Mike McCormick admitted.  "But we've seen cyber threats rise in proportion to political instability, global conflict, income inequality, and food insecurity, all of which are driven in part by environmental conditions. By doing our part to make the planet livable, we make it less hostile."


The "We Are Still In" climate declaration is published at

Green America business certification is described at


About Taproot Security


Taproot Security is an information security consulting firm advising industry and government on cyber issues and policy. For more information, please visit




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Michael McCormick

Founder & President

Taproot Security, LLC


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