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Taproot Security Signs Climate Letter

Joins 400 companies urging passage of Build Back Better


Saint Paul, MN, December 16, 2021 –

Along with hundreds of major US companies, Taproot Security co-signed a letter urging political leaders to enact climate provisions of the Build Back Better Act. The letter was delivered today to Congressional offices and the White House, along with a press release.


"It may seem unusual for an IT security firm to care about climate or environment," founder Mike McCormick said when Taproot joined the America Is All In effort in 2017.  "But we've seen cyber threats rise in proportion to political instability, global conflict, income inequality, and food insecurity, all of which are driven in part by environmental conditions. By doing our part to make the planet livable, we make it less hostile."

Taproot Enterprises is a Green America Certified Business.


About Taproot Security


Taproot Security is an information security consulting firm advising industry and government on cyber issues and policy. For more information, please visit




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Michael McCormick

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