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Taproot Security Comments on Government "Internet of Things" Proposal

Asks NIST to consider additional IoT security measures

Saint Paul, MN, November 5, 2018 –

Taproot Security delivered a letter to the National Institute of Standards & Technology, a division of the US Commerce Department, regarding their draft white paper Internet of Things Trust (IoT) Trust Concerns. IoT refers to network-connected smart devices including cameras, door locks, thermostats, alarms, baby monitors, smart speakers, etc. Taproot asked NIST to consider specific additional security controls in their final paper.

"Internet of Things devices will soon outnumber all the phones and computers on the Internet," said Taproot Security founder Mike McCormick. "IoT devices are in our homes controlling our private spaces and physical safety. We have to get this right."


The NIST proposal can be found here. Taproot Security's letter to NIST can be found here.


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