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Tenth Anniversary of Insider Attack Book

Taproot Security contributed to influential study of internal cyber threats


Saint Paul, MN, January 12, 2018 – Ten years ago one of the first in-depth studies of insider cyber attacks was published. The book Insider Attack and Cyber Security: Beyond the Hacker was edited by computer security legend Steven Bellovin, and included a chapter by Taproot Security founder Michael McCormick. The book followed a conference that brought leaders from academia, government, and industry together to address internal cyber threats.

"The conference drew experts from different disciplines," said McCormick. "We shared a common concern. The book was born from that spirit of collaboration. I'm pleased by its success and honored to be included among its co-authors. We shined light on a threat that hadn't been widely discussed before."

"Today insider attacks are still a major problem," he added. "It gets overshadowed by more sensational threats like hackers or hostile governments, but malicious insiders can actually do more damage. So we still have work to do."

Ten years later, Insider Attack and Cyber Security remains in print and has been cited in nearly 50 academic papers.

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